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OptiCut 200 Elite
Everything that is needed for output-oriented cutting

Reliably high continuous output is essential for automatic length cutting. When cutting fixed lengths, cutting out defects and optimizing. The OptiCut 200 Elite has this quality. In addition to the completely unproblematic operation, however, it also captivates by its details: Length measuring is carried out independently of the drive system and therefore from the slippage. Measurements are taken directly at the wood. Broad drive rollers in the table also transport broad workpieces safely. Individually controlled pressure rollers guarantee an even more exact positioning and reduce wear and tear. On the new OptiCut 200 Series we can now also offer you the intelligent infeed-system link.gifVarioSpeed (patent pending). With this unique feature the capacity of the saw can be increased by up to 20%.

The automatic sorting offers clever and safe solutions, e.g. with the intelligently controlled link.gifwaste gate (patented). Waste pieces fall into a gap while short pieces can safely be transported to the sorting station. This 100% separation between waste and good pieces avoids labour intense re-sorting. Normally waste has to be blown out, which means that longer waste pieces have to be cut smaller. Unnecessary cuts lower notably the capacity of the machine and every wastepiece costs you money with the amount of compressed air used for blowing. With the WEINIG waste gate, you safe on time and air with one reliable system.

When very exact lengths are at stake, the OptiCut 200 Exact is the best choice. It achieves a length exactness of up to +/- 0.5 mm. Splintering can be minimized via an intelligent cutting control and clean cut surfaces are achieved. When defects are cut out, the OptiCut 200 Elite/Exact is also able to cut lengths from cutting lists. At the same time the saw calculates the best combination with the highest yield to optimize your production. By saving waste and obtaining more yield the OptiCut often pays off within the shortest time. Target quantities can be taken into consideration just as up to 8 qualities. Incidentally: The OptiCut 200 Elite in the standard version is equipped for complete optimization. This means that always the entire workpiece is measured before OptiCut calculates the best combination.

The OptiCut can be quite easily operated - Prepare cutting list and get started! Every OptiCut may be managed from the office as well and with the intuitive link.gifOptiCom Direct touch-screen terminal the saw can easily be integrated into your companies network. With it you have in addition a large color display giving you direct access to the available functions.

link.gifAutomatic destacking units, scanners or the link.gifOptiCut Stacker can be integrated into any OptiCut cross-cut-line. Please contact us for your tailor-made solution.

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